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Kryptonite Kryptoflex Combo Cable

Kryptonite Kryptoflex Combo Cable
10mm x 180cm


Kryptonite’s legendary Combo Cables have a new family name and innovative design. These flexible braided-steel cables have increased cut resistance in all thicknesses from 10mm to 15mm. And, the integrated, 4-digit resettable combination lock has indexed number dials for error-free combination setting. The lock head rotates 360 degrees for easier handling during lock-up and removal, too. The included frame-mount carrying bracket rotates up to 240 degrees for a greater number of possible lock carrying locations on your bike or seatpost, too.

Proper locking using a cable plus a U-Lock.
Place the U-Lock shackle around the pole, your bike frame and through your rear wheel. Loop a cable around your front wheel, bike frame, and onto your U-Lock shackle.